Safety and service user comfort in secure healthcare applications

Caragh BarryNews UK

At Designplan, we recognise that in the secure healthcare sector, safety and service user comfort are the primary drivers in the selection of lighting. many of our products contain features specifically designed to meet these objectives.

We have a range of anti-ligature luminaires, such a Basilica that are designed with no ligature points to help prevent self harming and other dangers associated with them. Products like Basilica also have smooth surfaces for easy cleaning to help maintain a hygienic environment.

Our energy efficient LED luminaires can also help decrease total cost of ownership and energy bills. They can be fitted with a range of dimming and sensor options to ensure that they are only at full output when actually required.

To view all of our products that are suitable for secure healthcare applications, please CLICK HERE.


Designplan have been involved in a range of secure healthcare projects, our most recent being Bradstow School.

A culture of welfare protection through ‘Gentle Teaching’ is the ethos at Bradstow School. Built in 2016 the residential accommodation required lighting to create a bright welcoming environment adhering to all necessary safety standards. “Designplan Lighting provided a cost effective solution that is both functional, and has aesthetic appeal” Rajiv Marwaha RIBA, Design Service. To view the full case study, please CLICK HERE.