Social housing week- Benefits of switching to LED

Caragh BarryNews UK

The way social housing complexes are illuminated has changed. Proven methods of ensuring weather and vandal resistance have embraced new technologies to increase performance and reduce operating costs. Designplan lighting are at the forefront of this LED revolution and there are many benefits that reduce your cost of ownership that come with switching to LED.

The market leading output of our LED luminaires ensures fewer fittings are required for a range of social housing applications. They also can reduce maintenance and energy costs. LEDs have 5 times more operational life (50,000 hours) than a typical 2D light fitting, resulting in lower maintenance and replacement costs. LEDs also use less energy than equivalent fluorescent fittings and provide higher levels of illumination. This can result in a reduction of up to 65% on your electricity bills.

Your total cost of ownership is further reduced as less frequent lamp replacements and general maintenance is required. Existing fluorescent fittings can be quickly retro fitted to become LED versions as our luminaires have easily removable gear trays. To learn more about this, please CLICK HERE. 

For more information on the NHF Housing Exhibition please CLICK HERE.