Social housing week- Luminaires for any application

Caragh BarryNews UK

Next week (19-20 September) we are exhibiting at the National Housing Federation (NHF) Housing Exhibition at the ICC Birmingham, so Designplan have decided to make this week, Social housing week. We will have a 5 part news story, focusing on the different parts of what we offer in the social housing sector. 

Luminaires for any application

Our luminaires are designed for a variety of social housing applications including car parks, exterior corridors, interior applications and communal areas.

Controls can be incorporated into interior luminaires to ensure lighting is suited to the setting. Functions like daylight dimming help create the desired ambience and also reduce energy bills. Removable diffusers make maintenance quick and hassle free. Replaceable gear trays ensure technology upgrades are easy and sustainable.

Communal areas must be well illuminated to ensure a bright and safe environment. Our LED lighting solutions will significantly reduce your energy and maintenance bills.

Our lighting solutions are suitable for both interior and exterior car parks. Our LED luminaires provide uniform light distribution to ensure a welcoming environment, and also aid personal safety and security. The level of illumination help eradicate pockets of darkness; a problem with traditional fluorescent fittings.

External corridors are often neglected as regarded to as just a ‘mean to an end’, but their importance shouldn’t be underestimated. Installed lighting needs to be vandal resistant and incorporate emergency and control functions to ensure the humble corridor can cope with any situation.

For more information on the NHF Housing Exhibition please CLICK HERE.