Strength of our products

Caragh BarryNews UK

Designplan products are known for their robustness and durability and this is due to their extremely high IK ratings. Our experience has taught us that IK10 is inadequate against the sort of vandalism our products are designed to face on a regular basis. By testing to the EN60068-2-75 standard using a pendulum hammer, we have extrapolated the ratings from the 20 joules (IK10) rating all the at up to 150 joules of impact (IK16). To see just how robust our luminaires are, please CLICK HERE to watch our video.

We have a ‘fit and forget’ ethos at Designplan. Key components of this are: high ingress protection, robust steel bodies or LM6 aluminum castings. Not only are the bodies and diffusers of our products built to resist considerable impact, the paint we coat them with is as well.  A polyester powder coat, a free-flowing dry powder, is electrostatically applied to the metal. This is dried and sealed in our drying ovens to provide a tough skin.

For Custodial applications, the light fittings we supply have been carefully selected to protect both prisoner and staff from harm. Our specific cell fittings are anti-ligature as standard, tamperproof and resistant to the highest levels of vandalism. Many of our custodial products feature burns-test approved diffusers, including a patented design of ‘sandwiched’ layers to prevent prisoners or vandals burning through and accessing the inside of the fitting. To view our range of standard and bespoke custodial products, please CLICK HERE.