A technical 'behind the scenes'

Caragh BarryNews UK

Certain things are taken into consideration to ensure that a fitting is suited to a certain environment or application. For example, colour temperature. Colour temperature defines the appearance of a light source from cool through to warm so it is important to choose the right colour temperature for the right environment that you are choosing the fitting for. Warm LEDS are typically used where a relaxed atmosphere is needed, such as hotels, restaurants and domestic environments, whereas a cool appearance is often preferred for commercial locations such as offices and factories. Colour temperature is referred to by its Correlated Colour Temperature CCT and is rated in degrees Kelvin (K). Warm sources have lower values such as 2,700K compared with cool cources typically 4,500K and above.

The testing of our products is also taken into consideration to ensure that they can withstand the environments they are designed to work in. At Designplan we are proud to have our own in-house photometry to enable us to rapidly prototype new and bespoke luminaires and a testing laboratory to test all of our products. Product testing is a vital element in the design of our fittings and we continuously upgrade and improve our test laboratory.  Our in-house testing facilities include:

  • Impact resistance (IK rating)
  • Ingress protection (IP rating)
  • Product life
  • High temperature
  • Accelerated corrosion
  • Photometric