Retrofitting LEDs

Many of our existing fluorescent luminaires can easily be retrofitted to LED which:

  • reduces energy use by 60% in many cases
  • improves luminous efficacy
  • requires little or no maintenance
  • are quick and simple to install.

The initial investment will pay for itself several times over, before the LEDs need replacing, with usual pay backs of less than one year in some applications. Retrofitted LED’s come with a standard 5 year guarantee which covers both the LED array and the driver.

Our retrofit LED gear trays can be installed in under 90 seconds. See below or watch our video for more information.


We offer standard retrofit packages for a number of our most popular luminaires including:

  • Quadrant
  • Quadring
  • Gemini
  • Prison monitor
  • Tuscan range.

We can also retrofit in many other Designplan fittings. All our retrofitted luminaires are BS EN 60598 compliant. You will also have the added peace of mind of knowing that all replacement parts have been specifically designed and tested by the original manufacturer.