RGBW colour control

RGBW colour control is now being requested more than ever in areas that have traditionally used a white light.

RGBW LED Lighting

The benefits of colour in different settings

Introducing colour into spaces helps create dynamic and welcoming settings. RGBW colour control has many different uses for a variety of sector applications.

For lighting within community applications, such as building facades and subways, colour control can transform the dynamic of these areas. In the transport sector, lighting vertically the architecture of station entrances and archways can create a visually pleasing and welcoming effect. Within the secure health sector colour is used for the wellbeing of service users in sensory rooms. Using RGBW colour can stimulate our senses to help energise or calm us.

RGBW colour control

RGBW simply stands for red, green, blue and white. An RGBW luminaire allows lighting scenes to be created out of these colours.

Our RGBW range

RGBW colour control methods

At Designplan our RGBW luminaires can utilise DALI, DMX or wireless control methods that can be adapted to the needs of your project.


DALI is an industry-standardized protocol. It is specified in the multi-part international standard IEC 62386. A DALI lighting control system will be able to control each colour element in a RGBW luminaire. DALI can create any colour by mixing red, green, blue and white to the required setting.


DMX is a lighting control protocol that can be used to create visual effects for façade and inground lighting. We can provide DMX control for some of our RGBW luminaire range for relevant applications.

Wireless control

For applications in secure health settings, for example a sensory room, we have a range of luminaires that are wirelessly enabled using Casambi communication. A specific lighting setting can be chosen using a keypad or mobile app.

Further information

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