The IK Test

The IK test is to determine the impact resistance of a product and the amount of energy, in joules, that our steel or aluminium bodied luminaires can withstand without damage.

Our products are designed to withstand physical attack. We design impact resistance features into our products from the outset by carefully developing the form of the product and selecting the most appropriate materials.


Our drop test rig tests our luminaires from IK11 (50 joules) all the way up to IK20 (250 joules).

The luminaire is placed in the test cabinet;aligned to the weight, we need to use for the requested IK rating. The weight is allowed to free fall from a height corresponding to the energy rating in joules. The luminaire is subjected to three impacts. We avoid rebounds and secondary impacts. The surface of the luminaire is visually examined before and after each impact. This is to ensure that there is no damage, and that the safety of the luminaire has not been affected.

Product testing is vital to ensure our luminaires remain up to our standard. To find out on other ways in which we test our luminaires, in our lab click below:

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