Tottenham Court Road – Crossrail Update

The Tottenham Court Road Elizabeth line station has reached an important milestone with construction works sufficiently finished for final commissioning activities to start, Crossrail has confirmed. 

The station has reached the T-12 landmark, this means the station is now considered to be 12 weeks away from being ready for handover to Transport for London (TfL), who will operate the Elizabeth line.   

Work at the station will now primarily focus on the extensive testing and commissioning of systems ahead of the Elizabeth line opening. The railway is still on track to open in the first half of 2022.   

Reaching this important milestone enables Crossrail to commence the process of handing the station over to TfL.’

In these newly released photos, you can clearly see our striking bespoke luminaires installed above the platforms.

Designplan luminaires installed across the whole Crossrail / Elizabeth Line project include Tuscan II, Terminus Wall, Flair Evo, FSRDL and Stromma.

Read more about the whole Crossrail project.

Tottenham Court Road Crossrail station is just one of many stations Designplan supplied luminaires for. We’re really looking forward to seeing the rest reach the same level of completion.

For more information and additional photos, take a look at the original Crossrail update.

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