Subways & Underpasses

Subways and underpasses can often be associated with “a fear of crime”. Whilst subways may not necessarily be relevant in all station settings, passengers can have feelings of uncertainty when using such enclosed spaces, which lighting can help alleviate.

Recommended Products

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Recommended Products For Subways (Transport)



Tuscan 89 The market leading weather and vandal resistant fitting

The number one luminaire for underpass lighting, designed to resist extreme physical attack.

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Mission Versatile lighting for urban and transport applications

Versatile lighting for transport applications including a cable management system.

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Tuscan anti-ligature Extremely tough specialised fitting for in-cell applications

Recessed luminaire for underpass lighting, designed to resist extreme physical attack.

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Curve VR linear luminaire

Reinforced fitting for surface ceiling mounting

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bastion extrem robust custodiallighting

Slim, strong bulkhead for both interior and exterior applications.

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Best Practice Advice

Managing Transitions

It is particularly important that subways are well lit and feel appropriately bright, with a managed transition of illuminance from adjacent areas. Where restricted lines of sight exist, the lighting should be designed to help eliminate any dark spaces.

24 Hour Operation

Transport subway lighting may well be on 24 hour operation and could also be subject to unwelcome attention in the form of vandalism. Good lighting inspires user confidence and helps discourage criminal behaviour. It is therefore particularly important that lighting is especially robust and requires little in the way of maintenance.

Technical Support

Standard BS EN 12464-1:2011 specifies 100 lux for subways between platforms for large numbers of passengers. However, the accessible Code of Practice Version 04 – March 2015 suggests a level of 150 lux, with clear directional information. With different advice being offered we recommend complying with BS 5489- 1:2013

Whilst not specific to railways BS 5489-1:2013 specifies 350 lux during the day, with controls to allow 150 lux at night. These lighting levels take account of the different transition requirements at day or night whilst providing the light levels required to ensure passenger feelings of safety and security

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Lighting Controls

Using a lighting control system can improve the quality of illumination as well as reduce energy consumption. Control systems allow the use of light in the required place, at the right time and in the optimum quantity. At Designplan we can provide control solutions for traditional switched applications and standalone luminaire operation, through to full networked systems utilising the DALI protocol.

PDF Lighting Guide

Our 32 page lighting guide identifies typical overground rail applications, focusing on the principles of good lighting. We examine the benefits of robust construction and lighting controls to reduce your cost of ownership and carbon footprint. To download your copy click on the button below.

Why Choose Designplan?


  • Good lighting promotes safety in potential bottleneck area.
  • Robust and reliable luminaires minimise downtime.
  • High IP ratings reduce downtime for cleaning.
  • Long operational life improves accessibility.


  • LED luminaires lower energy consumption.
  • Lighting controls can further reduce energy use.
  • Easy to clean luminaires increase maintenance factor, reducing installed load.


  • Light walls and ceiling promotes user confidence.
  • Eliminate dark shadow areas for enhanced comfort and confidence.
  • Manage light transition between areas.


  • Robust and durable luminaires are essential.
  • Fully sealed luminaires simplify cleaning.
  • Ongoing maintenance costs all but eliminated with LED luminaires.

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