DesignPath Wireless

It is a legal requirement to routinely inspect emergency light fittings and record the test results. DesignPath Wireless is an emergency lighting test system which will help meet all your regulatory obligations.

emergency lighting test system

What is an emergency lighting test system?

It is an automated way of helping ensure your emergency luminaires are at peak operational readiness. An emergency lighting test system will initiate function and duration tests at pre-defined times. The results of the tests are recorded and saved.

DesignPath Wireless

DesignPath Wireless is an emergency testing and reporting system, suitable for most types of applications including transport, healthcare and social housing. It provides automated testing, fault reporting and a record of test results for compliance. This information is stored on site and can also be emailed.

DesignPath Wireless benefits:

  • Helps you meet your regulatory obligations.
  • Enables you to schedule tests at any time and date without disrupting your building’s users.
  • Can be connected to a building network.
  • Push e-mail reports sent via a building network or 4G router connection.
  • No engineering costs for function and duration tests.
  • Test results are automatically recorded.
  • No additional communication wiring required.

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