Ensuring Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is vital for anyone illuminating a challenging environment such as a transport, custodial or secure health application. Often without “thinking about it” we expect the lighting to be safe, secure, simple to install, easy to maintain, proven and sustainable.

Since 1963 we have built a reputation for products, designed and manufactured in Britain, which are engineered to stand the test of time. Our luminaires incorporate metal bodies and specially designed diffusers which can resist up to 250 joules of energy. High ingress protection and corrosion resistant paint are other key components of our “robust and durable” ethos.

Incorporating removable gear trays ensures easy to maintain luminaires, whilst enabling cost effective technology upgrades to the latest energy efficient LED light engines. Other design features include anti-ligature and sector specific compliance. At Designplan, we are passionately committed to developing high performance lighting solutions which are sustainable, energy efficient and designed to last.

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Latest news

Our New Photometric Laboratory

Published May 24 Estimated reading time: 1 minute At Designplan we are designing a new Photometric Laboratory. We are replacing our near-field goniophotometer equipment with a new far-field goniometer. This equipment is used to determine the luminous intensity and light distribution of our luminaires. The luminaire is mounted on the goniometer, heated up to normal […]

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Latest project

Bracknell Forest Council Subways

Designplan is proud to have worked with Bracknell Forest Council supplying our Tuscan 88 luminaires in multiple subways in the area. These luminaires, meticulously wall-mounted, not only prioritise the safety of the public but also ensure optimal light distribution throughout the subways. Our Tuscan 88 has been specifically engineered to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring […]

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