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  • Crowthorne, England
  • Secure Healthcare
  • Broadmoor Hospital, opened in 1863, is a highsecurity psychiatric hospital. It provides a specialist service assessing and treating men, from the south of England, who have serious mental health or personality disorders.

    The main aim of Broadmoor Hospital Redevelopment (BHR) is to modernise living conditions, upgrade service user facilities and improve working conditions. BHR has been designed to promote recovery, dignity and comfort. With their non-institutional, contemporary appearance, 1500 Basilica luminaires were specified in the corridor, ward day space and reception areas. The contemporary lighting helps aid the treatment of mental illness in a modern forward thinking environment.

    1500 Basilicas

    IK20 Rated Luminaires

    LED Light Engines

    The Basilica luminaire is designed with no ligature points to help prevent self-harming. In the event of any disruption, Basilica’s IK20 rating ensures it can withstand an impact of up to 250 joules of energy.

    All our specified luminaires utilise LED light engines to provide uniform light distribution. LED also helps lower running costs by reducing energy consumption when compared to fluorescent lighting.

    Our internally specified luminaires include Parkalux Angled, whose sleek design discreetly masks tamper-proof screws. Externally, the IK16 / IP65 rated Zelos Wall Max means it can be relied upon, whatever the weather.

    “Designplan were appointed to deliver a number of the lighting elements for the BHR project due to their long-standing sector knowledge, the confidence provided with desktop studies and the quality of the manufactured products. At installation stage the products were all ready for delivery on the planned dates and when commissioned we were pleased with the end result embracing the latest LED technology”

    Jonathan Watkins, Major Projects – Kier Mechanical & Electrical

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