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Prison Lighting

Typical Applications

Our focus is on effective lighting principles and the 4Cs: cost of ownership, compliance, construction, and capability. We ensure optimal lighting solutions that balance affordability, adhere to regulations, are well-constructed, and meet the required performance standards.

Prison Lighting

Police Stations & Law Courts

Weather-resistant luminaires are essential for police stations and law courts, extending from the building’s exterior to vandal-resistant, task-specific lighting for internal areas like the booking desk, holding cells, interview rooms, and public spaces like courtrooms.

Cell Lighting

Cells pose a significant challenge for lighting fixtures due to prisoners being unsupervised most of the time. In the UK, there are two types of cells: “ligature resistant” and “reduced ligature” both adhering to strict specifications outlined by the MoJ.

Association Areas

Landings, corridors, and common areas often need high illumination levels during the day, but not necessarily at night. To reduce energy usage, daylight harvesting, separate luminaire switching, dimming, or presence detection can be employed.


In shower and en-suite areas, high ingress protection is necessary due to water presence. Additionally, vandal resistance is crucial as these areas often have less supervision.


With limited outdoor time, natural light indoors supports human health and enhances visual stimulation. The trend in new custodial facilities is to make education blocks bright, using natural light along with advanced lighting control for added benefits.

Video Conferencing

Enhancing functionality within the custodial estate and leveraging technology more effectively are primary goals of the HM Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS).

Ancillary Areas

Lighting in ancillary areas is designed to ensure quick, accurate, and safe work by providing a high-quality visual environment. This approach enhances efficiency and safety by creating optimal lighting conditions for various tasks.

Emergency Lighting

The design of emergency lighting holds great significance in custodial settings. Consider the paradox: the necessity to facilitate escape in a facility primarily designed to confine individuals within its walls.

External Lighting

Outdoor courtyards and external areas provide resisdents with opportunities for outdoor exercise, aiding in the reduction of violent inclinations and enhancing mental health.

LED Upgrades

While our luminaires boast exceptional durability, they are also designed for upgradability to the latest LED technology. This is achieved by installing a retrofit LED gear tray, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

Core Lighting Requirements For The Custodial Sector

Custodial luminaires undergo stringent Ministry of Justice (MoJ) standards, including real-world destruction tests with implements like chair legs and pool cues. Engineered to resist impacts of up to 250 joules, they prioritise durability. Moreover, high ingress protection, tamperproof features, and flame-retardant materials are vital in this environment. These measures ensure luminaires meet the demanding requirements of custodial settings, where safety and security are paramount, providing reliable illumination while minimising risks of damage or tampering.

The Future Of Custodial Lighting

The Prison Estates Transformation Programme (PETP) has committed to creating an additional 10,000 new prison places. While this presents a delivery challenge, it also offers an exciting opportunity to integrate new lighting innovations that save energy, enhance functionality, and improve wellbeing. Utilising the latest LED light engines, lighting controls, daylight saving, and other integrated services, the PETP’s lighting component will be fit for purpose now and in the future.

Prison Lighting

Best Practice Lighting Guide

Our comprehensive 24-page lighting guide highlights common custodial applications, emphasizing principles of effective lighting. We explore the advantages of sturdy construction, adherence to standards, and tailored design needs, such as anti-ligature luminaires for “safer” cell usage. Download your copy by clicking the button below.

CPD Seminars

We offer CIBSE accredited CPD seminars, available face to face or online. Topics include robust lighting, emergency lighting for challenging environments, lighting: the retrofit revolution and sustainable lighting for railway stations of the future.

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