Emergency lighting: who is responsible?

Up until 2005, most significant buildings were assessed against the fire precautions act and issued with fire certificates by local authorities. To a large extent, much of the onus of fire safety compliance therefore rested on the shoulders of those issuing the certificates. But in 2005 that all changed with the publication of the Regulatory […]

Investing in our employees

Our employees are our biggest asset. We know how important training and continuous improvement is to guarantee personal development and growth. We are proud of our team who have, as part of our on-going Lean Programme, successfully completed five presentations on Kanban, 5s, Visual Management, Poka Yoke and Standardised Work.

Improving our understanding

We believe that training is key to our business and our team’s personal professional development. Our laboratory team visited the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) last week to learn more about photometrics from Gareth John the LIA’s Technical Lead in Photometry. It was a very enjoyable and informative two days.

QuadEvo – Reduced lead times

We’re delighted to announce that the standard and EM3 emergency versions of our QuadEvo luminaire are now available in 2 weeks, for orders up to 50. To find out more about this IP65 rated robust bulkhead, which can resist an impact of up to 100 joules of energy (IK14), please visit

DALI emergency self test systems

To satisfy your regulatory requirements, you have to ensure your emergency lighting system is routinely inspected and tested. All test results must be recorded. A DALI emergency lighting self test system has several benefits which include: Helping you meet your regulatory requirements (BS EN 62034, BS EN 50172) Enabling you to schedule emergency tests at […]

New brand book

If you like to find out more about Designplan Lighting, a new piece of printed literature is now available. Our brand book identifies our core values and examines the sectors that require robust lighting including transport, social housing, custodial, secure healthcare and urban exterior applications. Relevant case studies and recommended luminaires are included. You can […]

Light after dark

As we near the end of winter, we begin to think about the end of long dark days with the anticipation of seeing more daylight. Too little sunlight may cause reduced productivity and a general feeling of low mood as a result of low levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that helps balance our moods. The […]

Custodial Sector Specialist

We would like to announce a new role within our management structure.  Steve Tilling has become our National Sales Manager for the Custodial Sector. Steve joined Designplan in 2015 as Southern Regional Sales Manager.  During this time he successfully managed his team and played a lead role in Designplan being awarded key custodial projects such […]