The Royal Marsden – London Classics (Swim Serpentine, London Marathon, Ride London)

Luke Gibson, Area Sales Manager

The Royal Marsden - London Classics

Published March 24

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Swim the Serpentine involved swimming 2 laps (2miles) around the Serpentine in Hyde Park – Completed September 2023.

Run the TCS London Marathon, 26 miles – Due to complete this 21st April 2024.

Ride London 100 this is a one-hundred mile cycle through London and Essex – Due to complete this on 26th May 2024.

The Royal Marsden - London Classics
The Royal Marsden - London Classics

Find out about Luke and his advice on completing such a challenge

Luke harbours a long-standing desire to conquer the London Classics, spurred on by his wife’s triumphant completion last year, wherein she outpaced him in the swim, the final event they undertook together. The friendly marital competition fuelled his determination. Opting to champion the Royal Marsden, Designplan’s charity of choice and a cause close to his heart, Luke is currently immersed in a rigorous 16-week training program for the upcoming Marathon next month. His ambitious goal? To surpass his wife’s time by a solid 10 minutes, aiming for an impressive 4 hours and 45 minutes.

To navigate this journey, Luke relies on the support of the “Cooper” app, a fitness companion partnered
with the TCS Marathon. This app not only motivates him but also aids in managing his strength and stamina, providing insights on nutrient intake based on stamina rather than just distance. Drawing from his military background in the Royal Armoured Corps and previous experience running 26 miles, albeit in his younger and fitter years, Luke remains optimistic, attributing his eight-year vegan lifestyle to enhanced strength.

The Marathon isn’t just a physical test for Luke; the mental challenges loom large, fuelled by the fear
of the impending difficulties on the day itself. For aspiring marathon runners, Luke advises sticking to a
personalized training plan tailored to one’s abilities. The Cooper app, akin to having a personal trainer, offers valuable advice, minimizing surprises on the big day and increasing the chances of success.

As the final challenge beckons, Ride London holds a special place in Luke’s heart. Anticipating the event
on May 26th, he eagerly looks forward to the last mile, riding over Tower Bridge and relishing the vibrant
atmosphere. The culmination of Ride London comes with the presentation of the coveted Classics medal, a moment Luke is genuinely excited about. Openly inviting everyone to partake, whether running, walking or spectating, Luke extends a warm welcome to witness the thrilling conclusion of his London Classics journey.

Support Luke!

Support Luke on his London Classics journey! Either donate to this incredible cause through the link, or join us at the finish line at Tower Bridge for the medal presentation. Your support and generosity is greatly appreciated!

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