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  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Transport
  • In partnership with Lidacel and Irish Rail, the Designplan RDL and Gateline were selected for Heuston Station due to their versatility, high IK and IP ratings, and sustainability features, including long luminaire life, product recyclability, and a cradle-to-cradle approach.

    High IK Rating

    Wireless Casambi Node

    Emergency Reports

    Why Designplan

    Irish Rail has previously used Designplan for its most challenging environments. This project involved upgrading the InterCity emergency lighting system at Heuston Station, Ireland’s second-largest and busiest station. Lidacel and Designplan undertook a comprehensive design for the emergency lighting, as well as lighting controls upgrade. Therefore, aiming to provide the client with a highly vandal-resistant luminaire with a high IP rating, suitable for the harsh installation environment.

    After conducting various lighting calculations and ensuring the client was satisfied with both the RDL G2 and Gateline and the lighting design, they were ready to proceed with the project.

    The next challenge was controlling the lighting, using only the RDL as the dedicated emergency luminaire. Given that the luminaires were to be mounted in an existing canopy.  These were already housing numerous dedicated services, the client was pleased with the idea of using a wireless Casambi node. This solution eliminated the need for additional wiring in the already crowded canopy. Casambi nodes were fitted to the RDL and Gateline, with communication facilitated through a Casambi gateway to a Tridonic sceneCom wireless controller. This setup enabled real-time emergency reports to be sent to the client or management company, ensuring seamless system operation. If needed, the Tridonic sceneCom can be connected to Ethernet or beyond.

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