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Lamp options


615mm LONG
LED Lamps Temp Load Lum/lms Efficacy Weight
FLRA/2/1500NW/PC48 LED Array 4000K 15W 1314lms 88lm/W 4.5KG
FLRA/2/2000NW/PC48 LED Array 4000K 18W 1752lms 97lm/W 4.5KG
FLRA/2/2500NW/PC48 LED Array 4000K 22W 2190lms 99lm/W 4.5KG
FLRA/2/3000NW/PC48 LED Array 4000K 26W 2628lms 101lm/W 4.5KG
1215mm LONG
FLRA/4/3000NW/PC48 LED Array 4000K 28W 2628lms 94lm/W 8.5KG
FLRA/4/4000NW/PC48 LED Array 4000K 35W 3504lms 100lm/W 8.5KG
FLRA/4/5000NW/PC48 LED Array 4000K 43W 4380lms 102lm/W 8.5KG
FLRA/4/6000NW/PC48 LED Array 4000K 51W 5256lms 102lm/W 8.5KG
1515mm LONG
FLRA/5/3750NW/PC48 LED Array 4000K 35W 3285lms 94lm/W 11.5KG
FLRA/5/5000NW/PC48 LED Array 4000K 44W 4380lms 99lm/W 11.5KG
FLRA/5/6250NW/PC48 LED Array 4000K 54W 5475lms 101lm/W 11.5KG
FLRA/5/7500NW/PC48 LED Array 4000K 63W 6570lms 104lm/W 11.5KG

Fitting options


Pure white finish replace C48 with C32
Opal diffuser (no louvre) replace P with X
Section 12 clear glass (IK8) replace P with S12C
Section 12 frosted glass (IK8) replace P with S12F
Warm white LEDs (3000K) replace NW with WW
Integral 3 hour duration emergency* add suffix /EM3
Self test 3 hour duration emergency* add suffix /EM3S
DALI 3 hour duration emergency* add suffix /EM3D
DALI dimming/monitoring add suffix /DALI
Switch dimming add suffix /DIM
End entry(s) add suffix /H or /HH

* No emergency options available on all 2 foot (615mm) versions. The /DALI and /DIM options are not available on all 2 foot (615mm) versions

Angled vandal and weather resistant fitting for interior or exterior use.




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