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Incorporating new technology sustainably is vital to a product’s circularity. Our LED retrofit gear trays ensure sustainable technology upgrades and long life products.

What Is An LED Retrofit Gear Tray?

It is a removable metal tray, with all the internal lighting componentry installed on to it, which can be connected to a luminaire’s body via a “slip plug”.

Benefits Of An LED Retrofit Gear Tray

All Designplan products incorporate this sustainable design feature which will:

Reduce Your Energy Use

You will lower your energy bills by 50 to 60% compared to florescent lighting.

Lower Maintenance

Our LED gear trays have up to 5 times the operational life of florescent, reducing the frequency and time your maintenance team will be on site.

Minimise Disruption

Downtime is reduced as the new LED gear tray is switched over quickly thanks to a simple slip plug connection.

Improve Safety & Output

Badly illuminated spaces can be eliminated.

Reduce Your Ownership Costs

Typically, your return on investment will be achieved within two to four years when upgrading to an LED lighting system. This can be reduced further when utilising a retrofit gear tray as less of the original installation needs to be replaced.

Future Proof Your Lighting

Replaceable gear trays provide you with access to new technologies as they are developed. This sustainable design feature enables your installed lighting to have a 30 year plus design life.

Here For The Long Haul

Rest assured, you can rely on our products to stand the test of time. We never “turn our back” on a Designplan luminaire. Our precision engineered retrofit gear trays will upgrade your installed lighting, whether it is traditional fluorescent or early adoption LED. Our retrofit LED gear trays are reasonably priced and installing an original Designplan component also guarantees ongoing CE and UKCA compliance.

Updated Warranty

We are so confident in our replacement technology upgrades that we will renew the 5 year warranty of your complete luminaire following a site survey. Please note the the recommendations from a site survey may include reusing or replacing some or all of specific components, e.g. diffusers, depending on the current condition.

Retrofit Site Survey

One of our technical sales team will visit your site to conduct a thorough retrofit site survey of your current lighting arrangements, and assess your premises for potential energy savings.

You can also connect with us on LinkedIn for ongoing updates.