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Corrosion resistant powder coat paint is oven baked onto our light fittings to provide a tough outer skin. This helps ensure our luminaires are suitable for challenging lighting applications.

Colour options

Corrosion resistant powder coat paint is available in a range of colours, suitable for a variety of robust lighting applications. Each product page lists the standard colours that fitting is available in. Other colours, including bespoke options, are available on request at an extra cost.

Smooth White (No RAL colour) Product Code: -SW
Textured White
(No RAL colour)
Product Code: -TW
Matt White   (RAL 9016) Product Code: -MW
Pure White   (RAL 9010) Product Code: -PW
Smooth Cream
(RAL 9001) Product Code: -SC
Matt Silver
(RAL 9006) Product Code: -MS
Smooth Silver
(RAL 9007)
Product Code: -SS
Titanium (No RAL colour)
Product Code: -MT
Matt Black
(RAL 9005) Product Code: -MB
Textured  Black (RAL 9005) Product Code: -TB

Digital Colour Reproduction

Please note that the above colour reproductions vary depending on the device you are using, your internal lighting, your sitting position etc. The above images give an impression of the colour and surface texture. We would be happy to send you a swatch of the colour you are interested in.

Corrosion Resistant Powder Coat Paint Application

First we clean our unpainted product bodies thoroughly using an etching low foam heavy duty cleaner, followed by a two-stage demineralised water rinse with a Polymer coating to finish. This removes any trace of dirt or residue from the bare metal and provides a protective coating for the subsequent finishing.

Next comes the polyester powder coat, a freeflowing dry powder that is electrostatically applied to the metal. This is dried and sealed in our drying ovens to provide a tough skin. This finish is incredibly hard to remove, needing a sand blaster or 1500˚C oven to make a mark.

We also use an accelerated corrosion test on our paint finishes. The surface is cross scribed and placed in a salt spray test cabinet before being sprayed with an atomised saline solution. This rapidly simulates extended exposure to corrosion over the life of the product. Our finishes last for over one thousand hours in these extreme simulation conditions, with no significant delamination or rust creep.

Antibacterial Coating

We are pleased to announce that we now supply optional antibacterial paint to help aid infection control measures in a secure health facility.

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