Secure Healthcare

Visually comfortable lighting is critical in the Secure Healthcare sector to aiding recovery, with service-user safety of paramount importance. Our luminaires incorporate rounded or bevelled corners to prevent a fitting being used for self-harming as a ligature can not be attached.

Typical Applications

In the interactive diagram below we have identified typical lighting applications. We focus on the principles of good lighting as well as safety, design, robust construction and easy maintenance. Please move your cursor through the illustration and click on the coloured areas for more information.

Core Lighting Requirements

Our luminaires are designed to withstand attack and to reduce the possibility of attaching ligatures. We design these features into our fittings from the outset by carefully developing the form of the product, selecting the most appropriate materials and minimising the gaps between components.

Basilica Anti-ligature luminaire

Best Practice Lighting Guide for Secure Healthcare

Our 28 page lighting guide identifies typical applications, focusing on the principles of good lighting. We examine the benefits of safety, robust construction, easy maintenance and design. To download your copy click on the button below.

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