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Ancillary areas are integral to the efficient operation of a secure health facility. Lighting must focus on functionality as activities can vary considerably.

In laundry rooms, for example, inadequate lighting can conceal trip hazards and slippery floors which can cause accidents.

A bright interior with light coloured surfaces is advised. Higher vertical illuminances, and some light onto the ceiling, is recommended. Glare control will also safeguard staff against discomfort or reduced visibility.

Luminaires that are easy to clean, with long service lives, will help minimise any down time for maintenance. Automated occupancy controls are especially valuable as ancillary areas are not continuously occupied.

Technical Support

Levels of illumination vary depending on each ancillary area. For example, CIBSE LG2 recommends 300 lux at bench height for laundry rooms and 200 lux at the floor for plant rooms/supply stores.

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