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Individuals with severe mental illness often engage in significantly less amounts of physical activity than the general population. External courtyards and internal activity spaces can break down the barriers to exercise, opening up the physical and mental benefits to service users.

External courtyards offer a space outdoors to socialise, exercise and for quiet relaxation, all of which are beneficial to mental wellbeing. External lighting can be fully exposed to the elements, making high IP rated luminaires essential.

Lighting should be robustly constructed requiring little in the way of maintenance and should be appropriate for the intended use of the space, whether that be sport, exercise or relaxation.

Consideration should also be given to minimising upward light and ensuring that light does not spill into interior spaces. Low level lighting such as bollards can be used to aid movement around footpaths and circulation areas and this can be complemented by wall mounted luminaires around the perimeter.

Internal multi-purpose exercise areas require lighting which can withstand a high level of impact such as being hit by a stray football. Equipment, such as a running machine, can have a sloping control panel so bright reflections from a luminaire should be minimised.

Technical Support

Internal Exercise Spaces

These areas should appear light and airy as dark colours can look oppressive. A light ceiling reduces the contrast between the luminaire and its immediate surroundings, reducing glare. BS EN12464-1: Lighting – Indoor Workplaces should be consulted. Generally, in these spaces, we would recommend an illumination level of 300 lux.

Outdoor Amenities

Consideration should be given to the following standards and guidance:

• BS EN12464-2: Lighting – Outdoor Workplaces.
• BS 5489-1: Lighting of roads and public amenity areas.
• ILP GN01:2011: Guidance Notes for the reduction of obtrusive light.

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