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Well-designed lighting in communal areas must be warm and welcoming and should encourage service users to socialise in a pleasant, attractive communal environment.

Good lighting helps create an environment where service users can engage in social activities. These areas are often open plan, enhancing the therapeutic environment by creating a light and airy space at the heart of the unit.

The sitting room often has access to the garden courtyard area enabling lighting designers to mix natural and artificial light to create a comfortable, relaxing space.

Sudden changes in lighting can be unsettling and disorienting. It’s important that light levels are appropriate for each specific application. Consistency in lighting should be maintained during transitions between different areas to prevent discomfort and confusion. Paying attention to these details enhances overall comfort and safety within the environment.

Technical Support

Codes of practice will generally specify values of horizontal illuminance. However, careful and controlled vertical lighting can dramatically increase the perception that the space is brightly lit and welcoming, far beyond what horizontal illuminance alone can deliver.

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