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Innovation in the lighting industry has been rapidly evolving, driven by enhancements in technology, sustainability goals, and a growing emphasis on energy efficiency.

Several key trends and innovations have shaped the lighting industry in recent years:

  1. LED Technology
  2. Smart Lighting Systems
  3. Human-Centric Lighting
  4. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

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At Designplan, our customers are always at the forefront. We design products to suit their needs and consider the application requirements.

One of our recent products, DPW20, was designed specifically for Secure Health applications. As well as meeting the requirements of “Design in Mental Health Network’s (DiMHN) Testing Guidance for Products in Mental Health Facilities” rating LIG5-5/ES2. We’ve taken the perspective of starting with the light and understanding what the end user needs are in secure health and dementia care.

We’ve made the product easy to install, making the back plate fit a standard double socket box. It is IK16 and IP65 rated. Thereby ensuring that even though the fitting can be placed within easy reach of the end user, safety and security are maintained. Making the luminaire robust, therefore it cannot be broken and weaponised. The light is controlled by an automatic onboard microwave sensor. It detects movement, and ensures the product is only on when it is needed. Additionally, the opal diffuser on the luminaire gives a soft lit appearance for wayfinding at night and eliminate any harsh glare or distracting light. The DPW20 can be surface mounted if the recessed option isn’t applicable, and both are maintainable from the front of the product.

Innovative lighting solutions in secure health facilities incorporate technologies that prioritise safety, wellbeing, and operational efficiency. These advancements contribute to creating a secure and supportive environment for both service users and healthcare professionals.