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The aim of de-escalation “calming” rooms is to allow the service user to enter an area where they can de-escalate from their current emotional state. This safe place reduces the chance of physical injury to both themselves and others.

Introducing muted colour in this environment can help provide a calming, quiet and low-stimulus space. This can be achieved using RGBW luminaires, which mix red, green, blue and white light to achieve an infinite palette of colours and intensities. To help reduce stress levels further, a non-institutional feel to these luminaires is important and they should produce a pleasant, diffused light.

Ligature resistant luminaires are often specified as they can help prevent self-harming. There are generally no moving or protruding parts and rounded or bevelled corners, with minimal gaps, prevent points where something can be attached.

Luminaires with a high impact resistance are required as a service user recovers from a distressed emotional state.

Technical Support

At Designplan our RGBW luminaires can utilise DALI, or wireless control methods such as Casambi which can be adapted to the needs of your secure health project.

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