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Extremely robust HMPPS compliant cell lighting and trunking system.
  • A versatile, specialist anti-ligature fitting for police and custodial cell applications with options for CCTV, ventilation, smoke detectors and speakers. For further information contact our technical sales office on 020 8254 2022.
  • Available in HMPPS Category 1, HMPPS Category 3 (standard) and police cell versions.
  • Only fitting available to be certified HMPPS Category 1.
  • Impact resistance rating: IK16 (150 joules of energy).
  • Ingress protection rating: IP65.
  • Suitable for cornice mounting.
  • Heavy gauge zinc coated steel body finished in white polyester powder coat.
  • 6mm burns test compliant Fybagard diffuser held against gasket with tamperproof screws.
  • Electronic control gear on removable tray with fused plug & socket connector block.
  • Provision for conduit entry in ends. Blank ends option available.

Product search names: Uni-cell, Unicell

Technical Information

800mm LONG
LED Temp Load Lum/lm Efficacy CRI Weight
UC3/2/3000NW 4000K 26W 2190 lm 84lm/W CRI>80 18kg
1100mm LONG
LED Temp Load Lum/lm Efficacy CRI Weight
UC3/3/4500NW 4000K 39W 3285 lm 84lm/W CRI>80 23kg
1400mm LONG
LED Temp Load Lum/lm Efficacy CRI Weight
UC3/4/6000NW 4000K 51W 4380 lm 86lm/W CRI>80 28kg
1700mm LONG
LED Temp Load Lum/lm Efficacy CRI Weight
UC3/5/7500NW 4000K 63W 5475 lm 87lm/W CRI>80 33kg
PC3/5/12500NW/SC 4000K 90W 9125 lm 101lm/W CRI>80 33kg

PLEASE NOTE: 12500NW option only available with PC3.

Fitting Options

*For PC3/5/12500NW/SC fitting options, please contact Technical Sales on 020 8254 2022.

Police cell version (polycarbonate diffuser) replace UC3 with PC3
NOMS Category 1 replace UC3 with UC1
Integral 3 hour duration emergency add suffix /EM3
Self test 3 hour duration emergency add suffix /EM3S
DALI 3 hour duration emergency* add suffix /EM3D
DALI dimming/monitoring add suffix /DALI
Switch dimming add suffix /DIM
Night light add suffix /NL
Other options and dummy bodies please contact technical sales
Warm white LEDs (3000K) replace NW with WW
Blank end plate option for blank ends add suffix /BE
For use with 50V or 110V ac/dc central battery systems add suffix /EV
240V changeover relay add suffix /ER
* EM3D not available on all 2 foot (800mm) versions






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