Wired Lighting Control

Designplan can provide multiple wired lighting control systems including DesignPath for emergency monitoring and a full DALI-2 lighting control system called DesignPath+.


DesignPath is a wired DALI emergency lighting test system which will help you meet all your regulatory obligations. It helps ensure your emergency lighting is routinely inspected, tested and the test results recorded. DesignPath provides you with peace of mind. You can also save money by reducing the length of time your engineering team are on location, allowing you to best utilise your resources.

Wired Lighting Control

How DesignPath Works

DesignPath will carry out function and duration tests automatically on scheduled times and dates. The touch screen is quick and simple to use, enabling easy access to test results and reports. DesignPath has an on-board e-mail facility that can send compliance and fault reports directly to your maintenance team. The DesignPath touch screen has two DALI bus outputs, each capable of controlling up to 64 emergency devices.

DesignPath Benefits

  • Helps you to meet your regulatory obligations.
  • Enables you to schedule tests at any time and date without disrupting your building’s users.
  • Can be connected to a building network.
  • Push e-mail reports sent via a building network or 4G router connection.
  • No engineering costs for function and duration tests.
  • Test results are automatically recorded.
  • API for integration.
  • Additional dashboard option can be provided.

DesignPath+ – Enhanced Wired Lighting Control

DesignPath+ is an enhancement to standard wired lighting control. Adding a cloud connection and utilising the DALI-2 open protocol provides a faster and more manageable solution for all types of luminaires. DesignPath+ allows simultaneous multiple user access, right down to a single light fitting

Wired Lighting Control

Cloud Services

DesignPath+ provides a cloud services package to suit your needs and applications. View your installation in an easy to understand plan view. See the location of your lighting, switches and sensors. The plan view allows you to see the position of faults and the current state of your lighting. You can create custom reporting for energy and test data and make changes remotely to programmed scenes and schedules.

DesignPath+ Benefits

  • Allows you to manage and monitor multiple sites remotely.
  • Enables problems to be identified immediately.
  • Set and commission sites from the comfort of your office.
  • Manage your energy consumption to lower your carbon footprint and reduce costs.
  • DesignPath+ can integrate to other building systems utilising an API interface.
  • Mobile app for site maintenance.

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