Lighting Controls

Lighting controls create energy-efficient and dynamic spaces. The quality of illumination can be improved, and electricity consumption reduced, by focusing light in the required place, at the right time and in the optimum quantity.

Future Proof Your Lighting

Our flexible lighting control solutions can utilise open protocol standards, including DALI-2, to ensure you are not locked into one manufacturer’s products. We believe in low cost of ownership with minimal or no on-going costs. Our future proof lighting control systems, combined with sustainable LED technology upgrades help create safe, welcoming environments.

Wired & Wireless Solutions

We offer both wired and wireless solutions, with the added benefit of remote monitoring. Functionality ranges from occupancy and daylight sensing to full analytics of a facility’s operation including emergency testing and reporting. Our lighting control systems can reduce your energy costs with the use of presence detectors, photocells and timed control.

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Connected Luminaires

Our luminaires can be supplied with a number of driver options including switched and DALI-2. When connected to a lighting control system areas can be programmed to provide the right amount of light when occupied, whilst reducing output to save energy when they are empty.

Control Technology

We have enhanced our product range with the latest lighting control technology that can help create welcoming and safe environments. For more information CLICK HERE

Lighting Controls Brochure

Our brochure focuses on future proof wired and wireless lighting control systems. To download your copy of our brochure click on the button below.

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