Good lighting has a significant positive impact on a service user’s perception of security and safety. Specifically designed luminaires for the transport sector can promote feelings of comfort and security to create a positive first impression, whilst helping reduce carbon emissions and costs.

Typical Applications – Overground Rail

In the interactive diagram below we have identified typical overground rail lighting applications. We focus on the principles of good lighting and Network Rail’s 4C’s roadmap (capacity, carbon, customer, and cost). Please move your cursor through the illustration and click on the coloured areas for more information.

Core Lighting Requirements for Transport

Good lighting promotes visual clarity and comfort when we use a transport application. Most importantly effective illumination makes us feel safe and secure and goes a long way towards guaranteeing equal access for all regardless of mobility, disability or sensory impairment. We have over 50 years application experience and are able to “bespoke” our vandal and weather resistant luminaires to meet the specific challenges facing the transport sector.

Overground Rail Best Practice Lighting Guide

Our 40 page lighting guide identifies typical overground rail applications. We examine the benefits of robust construction and lighting controls to reduce your cost of ownership and carbon footprint. To download your copy click on the button below.

CPD – Sustainable Lighting for Railway Stations of the Future

With Great British Railways (GBR) replacing Network in Rail in 2023, the UK rail industry is focusing on sustainable lighting for the railway stations of the future. This CPD seminar looks at how this will be achieved through the rail industry’s 4S framework: Sustainability, satisfaction (customer), safety and stewardship.  

We will look at what GBR considers a sustainable luminaire, the circular economy and sustainable product design. How manufactures can aid safety measures and improve customer satisfaction will be examined and stewardship measures explained. The CPD will conclude with some rail lighting best practice advice.  

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