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Car park lighting should ensure basic visibility, promoting confidence and feelings of safety and security. Ideally, lights should be positioned over and between parked cars to eliminate potential hiding places.

Car parks near tracks require lighting solutions that reduce driver glare. Proximity to residences demands minimising light spill and general light pollution. Vandal resistance and high ingress protection are crucial for luminaires in car park applications.

Wide column spacing in outdoor car parks can hinder effective light distribution. It’s better to use more closely spaced, lower output luminaires. Highlighting specific areas like ticket machines, barriers, pedestrian walkways, and signage is beneficial.

Technical Support

Reference should be made to BS EN 12464-1:2011 for indoor applications. BS EN 12464-2:2014 has guidance for outdoor car parking applications.

To light these areas a range of column, wall mounted luminaires and bollards may be appropriate with close attention paid to light spill.

Calculated uniformity should be 0.4 for covered / 0.25 open but care should be taken to avoid, as much as possible, areas of deep shadow between vehicles by careful selection and positioning of luminaires.

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