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Office and Back of House spaces need high-quality lighting with excellent visual comfort and glare control. Light levels must be carefully chosen to accommodate various tasks, from screen and paper work to meetings with colleagues.

Office and back of house

In offices areas the provision of dimming control and the uniformity of light should be maximised. Lighting that controls glare, but also adequately lights vertical surfaces, including the faces of staff, is especially important. For general back of house areas it is advisable to use low maintenance, functional lighting tailored to the task.

Staff rooms are important spaces to rest, refuel, escape and think. Quality lighting is key to achieving a comfortable and welcoming ambience. The combination of overall ambient light, and elements of directional and surface lighting, can promote comfort whilst differentiating the staff room from more utilitarian spaces.

Technical Support

It is important to balance light levels, and light quality, whilst ensuring a space is not over illuminated which wastes energy. Further energy savings can be made by employing lighting controls. Automated occupancy controls are especially valuable in areas that are not continuously occupied.

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