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The lighting design for the Stations Forecourt approach should prioritise passenger amenity and safety for their initial experience. Additionally, it should create a welcoming ambiance with clear visual cues to thoroughfares and facilities.

Signage must be properly illuminated and clearly visible. The perceived brightness of the approach should be carefully considered. The illuminance levels should be selected to balance with the ambient illuminance that exists in the vicinity.

“Welcoming” lighting that may be suitable for a rural station, which should in itself be carefully considered to control potential issues with light pollution, may need to be increased markedly for brightly lit urban environments.

The local weather conditions should be carefully considered for externally installed lighting. High ingress protection ratings are essential and corrosion resistant paint should be applied to luminaires where relevant.

Technical Support

Different standards may be referenced dependent on the precise nature of the station approach. This includes 1) BS EN 12464-1:2011 for covered areas 2) BS EN 12464-2:2014 for general outdoor areas including car park spaces and 3) BS 5489-1 Code of Practice for the Design of Road Lighting Part 1: Lighting of Roads and Public Amenity Areas.

Codes of practice will generally specify values of horizontal illuminance. It should be noted that light on horizontal planes is a poor predictor of the impression of brightness perceived by users of the area.

Careful and controlled lighting of the vertical façade can dramatically increase the perception that the space is brightly lit and welcoming, far beyond what horizontal illuminance alone can deliver. It should also be noted that when lighting “on” a vertical surface, a luminaire mounted on that surface can give dramatically different results to lighting “onto” a surface from a remote source. This should be carefully considered when creating a lighting design.

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