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Versatile lighting for urban and transport applications.
  • Ideal for rail applications, as well as car parks and urban areas.
  • Suitable for ceiling, cornice or suspended mounting.
  • Extruded aluminium body finished in matt silver polyester powder coat.
  • Opal polycarbonate diffuser held against silicone gasket by tamperproof screws.
  • Electronic control gear on removable tray with fused plug & socket connector block.
  • Cable management rear housing available.
  • Provision for conduit entry in back.

Technical Information

703mm LONG
LED Temp Load Lum/lms Efficiency Weight HT
D599/2/1500NW/XC48 4000K 15.6W 1566lms 100lm/W 6KG HT50°
D599/2/2000NW/XC48 4000K 19.2W 1921lms 100lm/W 6KG HT50°
D599/2/2500NW/XC48 4000K 23.2W 2284lms 98lm/W 6KG HT50°
D599/2/3000NW/XC48 4000K 26.8W 2560lms 96lm/W 6KG HT50°
1303mm LONG
LED Temp Load Lum/lms Efficiency Weight HT
D599/4/3000NW/XC48 4000K 28.4W 3176lms 112lm/W 8.5KG HT50°
D599/4/4000NW/XC48 4000K 35.3W 3866lms 110lm/W  8.5KG HT50°
D599/4/5000NW/XC48 4000K 43.1W 4549lms 106lm/W  8.5KG HT50°
D599/4/6000NW/XC48 4000K 50.3W 5188lms 103m/W  8.5KG HT50°
LED Temp Load Lum/lms Efficiency Weight HT
D599/5/3750NW/XC48 4000K 34.3W 4033lms 118lm/W 10KG HT50°
D599/5/5000NW/XC48 4000K 42.9W 4884lms 114lm/W 10KG HT50°
D599/5/6250NW/XC48 4000K 53.2W 5885lms 111lm/W 10KG HT50°
D599/5/7500NW/XC48 4000K 62.3W 6705lms 108lm/W 10KG HT50°


Fitting Options

Pure white finish replace C48 with C32
Integral 3 hour duration emergency add suffix /EM3
Self test 3 hour duration emergency add suffix /EM3S
DALI 3 hour duration emergency add suffix /EM3D
DALI dimming/monitoring add suffix /DALI
Switch dimming add suffix /DIM
End entry(s) Add suffix /H or /HH
Warm white LEDs (3000K) replace NW with WW
For use with 50V or 110V ac/dc central battery systems add suffix /EV
240V changeover relay add suffix /ER
**EM3D is not available on the 703mm version


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