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Subways and underpasses can evoke a “fear of crime.” Though not always present in all station settings, passengers may feel uncertain in enclosed spaces, a concern lighting can address.

It is particularly important that subways are well lit and feel appropriately bright, with a managed transition of illuminance from adjacent areas. Where restricted lines of sight exist, the lighting should be designed to help eliminate any dark spaces.

Transport subway lighting may well be on 24 hour operation and could also be subject to unwelcome attention in the form of vandalism. Good lighting inspires user confidence and helps discourage criminal behaviour. It is therefore particularly important that lighting is especially robust and requires little in the way of maintenance.

Technical Support

Using a lighting control system can improve the quality of illumination as well as reduce energy consumption. Control systems allow the use of light in the required place, at the right time and in the optimum quantity. At Designplan we can provide control solutions for traditional switched applications and standalone luminaire operation, through to full networked systems utilising the DALI protocol.

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