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Open train platforms face challenges in maintaining consistent illuminance and uniform lighting. LED luminaires ensure uniformity between undercover and pole-top lighting, creating a seamless platform experience.

Open platform use can vary rapidly from sparse occupation to busy activity. It is important that the lighting takes all circumstances into account. It may be tempting to stretch luminaire spacing to the maximum. However, this will result in lengthened shadows and areas of light and dark, potentially compromising visibility.

For column mounted solutions, the correct balance of mounting height and spacing will help alleviate any potential issues. An alternative to column mounted lighting could be to provide lower level lighting from the rear edge of the platform.

Luminaires mounted close to the platform surfaces being illuminated, helps in efficiency terms. This form of lighting can also help minimise intrusive light spillage and minimise glare. Accessible luminaires must be highly robust with high ingress protection and vandal resistance ratings.

Technical Support

RIS-7702-INS Iss1 Rail Industry Standard for Lighting at Stations mentions the importance of the transition between open and covered platforms. Reference should also be made to BS EN 12464-2:2014 and Railway Group Standard GI/RT7016 Issue Five Dated March 2014.

When lighting an uncovered platform we would recommend 10 to 50 lux average on the platform surface, with a uniformity of 0.3 to 0.4.

The illuminance range is dependent on usage and accessibility of the platform as per BS EN 12464-2. The platform edge requires a 20 lux minimum, which is in line with RIS-7016-INS standards. Where CCTV is used the design of the scheme and positioning of fittings must avoid conflict.

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