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Whether lighting a listed building or a brand new hub railway station, there will be times when an “off the shelf” luminaire will not provide the desired solution. In these situations, you will need bespoke lighting.

We have developed the capability, over 60 years, to modify a standard fitting or create a completely new design to meet the needs of any lighting project.

Our design credo applies to all our fittings, from new ranges through to bespoke luminaires. All our luminaires aspire to be robust, best in class, easy to install, easy to manufacture, sustainable and compliant.

Our fittings start as concept designs utalising 3D CAD software. They are converted into working prototypes which are tested for performance in our in-house laboratory. We are in control of the whole bespoke design process from concept through to completion.

Bespoke Lighting Example

Our bespoke team developed a light-box to illuminate the platforms of several Elizabeth Line stations. These light boxes have a design life of over 30 years and produce an output of over 6,000 lumens, whilst consuming the energy of a 60 watt household light!

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