LED Upgrades

Whist our luminaires are incredibly robust they have also been designed to be upgradable to the latest LED technology, by installing a retrofit LED gear tray, to reduce energy consumption.

LED Upgrade Trays

Best Practice Advice

The MoJ is the second largest government department in terms of size and estate running costs. This equated to over £500m in 2017/18. (Source: Source – State of the Estate 2017/18 report. Author: Cabinet Office).

Should custodial luminaires require replacing to more energy efficient versions, upgrading a component part such as the light source will reduce electricity consumption without requiring costly and time consuming building work.

Retrofitting existing fluorescent luminaires is a fantastic opportunity, but should be approached with an element of caution.

We are original equipment manufacturers, and experts in this field, please contact us for advice

LED retrofitting considerations:

– Re-certification of the CE mark (both a legal and MoJ requirement).
– The ingress protection of the
modified luminaire.
– Lighting performance, comfort and quality.
– LED compatibility (VOCs).
– The operational life of the retrofit solution.
– The warranty of the modified fitting.
– The Waste Electric and Electronic
Equipment (WEEE) directive.

Technical Support

Retrofit gear trays must comply with a wide and strict regulatory framework to ensure correct operation and safety. In the November 2019 edition of the MoJ’s Electrical Installation Technical Specification (STD/E/SPEC/018), it states that an entire product must be CE certified again, following an LED retrofit upgrade.

We can undertake a site survey to identify which of the existing luminaires can be retrofitted to LED. Our team will also suggest other ways to save energy, lower maintenance costs and ensure that you meet all your regulatory obligations.

To arrange a site survey call 020 8254 2022 or e-mail technicalsales@designplan.co.uk

PDF Lighting Guide

Our 24 page lighting guide identifies typical custodial applications, focusing on the principles of good lighting. We examine the benefits of robust construction, standards compliance and specific design requirements including anti-ligature luminaires for “safer” cell applications. To download your copy click on the button below.

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