The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway- Crossrail project

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Are you in the Uk and looking for something to watch on TV tonight? Then you're in luck because the second series of 'The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway' starts tonight on BBC2 at 9.00pm. This documentary focuses on the Crossrail construction process we've been involved in. You may even get to see one of our light boxes we designed! If ... Read More

Unrivalled wealth of experience and products to offer in Transport

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Over the last 50 years Designplan has worked on some of the most prestigious transport projects in the UK and beyond. Our products are specifically designed for the demands in the rail sector and have an enviable reputation for robustness, vandal resistance and low maintenance.  They are built for longevity of operation in harsh environments, but we also appreciate the ... Read More

QuadRetro- the LED upgrade for existing 2D Quadrant installations

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Our Quadrant bulkhead remains one of our most popular fittings due to its versatility for a broad range of applications. It currently illuminates the exterior and communal spaces of countless social housing complexes accross the country. But now our QuadRetro service pack enables you to upgrade your existing Quadrant 2D luminaire to an LED version in less than 90 seconds! ... Read More

A technical 'behind the scenes'

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Certain things are taken into consideration to ensure that a fitting is suited to a certain environment or application. For example, colour temperature. Colour temperature defines the appearance of a light source from cool through to warm so it is important to choose the right colour temperature for the right environment that you are choosing the fitting for. Warm LEDS ... Read More

Mental Health Awareness Week

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It is estimated that 1 in 6 people suffer from a mental health disorder in any given week. Designplan are supporting Mental Health Awareness Week to help shed the stigma of mental health disroders by recommending improving patient recovery through good lighting design in secure mental health environments. For more information please click HERE. We are a company active in ... Read More

A look into our Design and Manufacturing process

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CAD software
Over the last 50 years we have continually improved our design and manufacturing process to ensure that we repeatedly produce superior products for our customers and continue towards our goal to be a UK based, world-class manufacturer. So, what is our process? Our products start as concept designs utilising 3D CAD software.  Our CAD software helps to increase productivity when ... Read More

Please welcome your new Area Sales Manager

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Megan Moriarty
Designplan are pleased to congratulate and welcome our new Area Sales Manager Megan Moriarty on her new role covering the West Midlands. Megan joined us at Designplan last year and has already spent some time working in the area. If you are based in the West Midlands and have any equiries, please contact Megan on 07795593519 or Alternatively, if ... Read More

The new standard for communal lighting

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Here at Designplan, we have established our luminaires as the standard for communal lighting in the social housing sector. Now, changes in technology and new materials have enabled us to continue to raise performance standards. We have Designed Duomo. A stylish, robust and durable LED luminaire. Duomo can reduce your ownership and operating costs with its market leading light output ... Read More

Keeping cool in the heat

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Here at Designplan, our luminaires can regularly operate in ambient temperatures ranging from -25°C to 25°C. However, some of our fittings can regularly operate in temperatures of 40°C to 50°C! These luminaires are subjected to a thorough assessment process in our in-house testing laboratory and are tested and proven to be able to withstand these temperatures. You will find that our high ... Read More

CIBSE accredited Robust Lighting CPD

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Our new CIBSE accredited CPD looks at how challenging environments are illuminated. We examine vandal resistance, adverse weather conditions, ease of maintenance and through life costs.  Product standards are explained including IK (EN 62262) and IP (EN60529) ratings. We explain the manufacturing processes used to ensure luminaire durability and analyse the light source, dispelling the myths surrounding the use of ... Read More