Our Centaur range

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Centaur is a range of robust spotlights, in ground and escalator LED luminaires to visually enhance your architecture and create luminous paths for safe navigation. We are continually developing our Centaur range to incorporate the latest technology to help bring your buildings and urban spaces to life. The Centaur range has high ingress protection (IP ratings) dependent on their application. ... Read More

An evening with Henrik Clausen

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In September, Designplan will be hosting an evening with the director of the Fagerhult Lighting Academy, Henrik Clausen. Henrik has been involved in lighting for over 30 years in both commercial and academic positions and appears worldwide as a guest speaker on many different occasions, primarily addressing the human and emotional aspects of light and lighting design. At this event ... Read More

The importance of emergency lighting

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The importance of emergency lighting should never be underestimated. It is critical for people to see clearly and move safely and confidently towards the nearest exit in case of emergency. Emergency lighting must comply with many laws and regulations and is vital, especially for buildings and railway. Designplan offers emergency luminaire, Gemini Metro, a robust, vandal and weather resistant fitting ... Read More

New Area Sales Manager

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We would like to introduce you to our new Area Sales Manager, Craig Wood. Craig will be covering the North West Region. Craig can arrange our Robust Lighting CPD that looks at how challenging environments are illuminated. If you are interested, please contact Craig on 07824434650 or craig.wood@Designplan.co.uk

Lighting for custodial applications

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Designplan have the widest range of approved standard and bespoke products available for applications in the custodial sector and have a continual development programme to ensure all relevant standards and needs are met. Our newest product for custodial applications is Monitor II. Its new LED variant uses circa 50% less energy than fluorescent and its IK16 rating means it can ... Read More

Our testing facilities

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At Designplan we are proud to have our own in-house testing facilities which we continuously upgrade and improve.  Product testing is a vital element in the design of our luminaires. Our in-house photometry enables us to prototype new and bespoke luminaires. We were the first luminaire manufacturer in the UK to use a near field imaging Goniophotometer, which is unlike the ... Read More

QuadEvo- The future of communal lighting

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Energy efficiency, build quality and durability have long been the foundation blocks of our 'Quad' family of social housing luminaires. Now, the future of communal lighting is QuadEvo. QuadEvo's market leading light output ensures that you need fewer luminaires for your application, reducing your cost of ownership and also uses significantly less electricity that traditional fluorescent fittings, potentially reducing your ... Read More

New Regional Sales Manager – Northern England, Scotland and Ireland

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We would like to introduce you to our new Regional Sales Manager, Logan Colbeck. Logan will be the managing our sales team in the North of England, Scotland and Ireland. Logan can arrange our Robust Lighting CPD that looks at how challenging environments are illuminated. If you are interested, please contact Logan on 07764788970 or logan.colbeck@designplan.co.uk

Lighting that lasts: part 3

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Switching to LED We offer Retrofit gear trays to upgrade existing luminaires to LED, adding many years to the life of the product. The longevity that LED lamps offer is remarkable compared to older lamping options. 50,000 hours of use compared to 8,000 hours for a fluorescent fitting significantly reduces maintenance requirements and provides a greener, more cost effective result. ... Read More

Visit us at the NHF Housing Exhibition – 19/20 September 2017

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We are exhibiting at the National Housing Federation (NHF) Housing Exhibition at the ICC, Birmingham on 19-20 September. The exhibition is a free event open to anyone interested in social housing. Delegates attending the NHF’s Annual and Asset Management and Maintenance conference will also be able to visit the exhibition. On stand 73 we will demonstrate how new technology is increasing performance and reducing ... Read More