Hammersmith Police Station

London, England

Hammersmith Police Station underwent a multimillion major refurbishment in 2020. The project involved the complete refurbishment of a Grade II listed building. This included a new adjoining 30 cell detention suite.

Designplan was specified to supply a variety of our Home Office approved luminaires. These products were fitted throughout the interior and exterior of the building and were chosen for both general and specific applications. Our luminaires have been widely used within the new build, as well as the refurbishment of Metropolitan Police Custody projects. They have been proven fit for purpose in these robust environments.

Hammersmith Police Station Uni-cell from outisde

Our Uni-Cell luminaires were installed in the cells. Providing a fully integrated lighting solution which also incorporates the wiring for other services in the police station. The Uni-Cell can also be specified with options to install CCTV, ventilation, smoke detectors and speakers. This specialist fitting has an IK16 rating, meaning that it can withstand an impact of 150 joules of energy which is calculated by a 10kg mass dropped from 1550mm above the impacted surface. Uni-Cell’s anti-ligature design can also prevent self harming.

In the cell holding area, offices and corridors the Quadratum Reccessed G2 was installed. It provides excellent light distribution to ensure compliance with very specific task requirements.

We installed our Tuscan 88 Angled and Zelos Wall on the police station perimeter and external entrances due to their high ingress protection ratings and robust construction. In addition all the luminaires installed are easy to upgrade and maintain, leading to less down time – creating a safe and secure environment for all.

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