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At Designplan, we’re revolutionising our Photometric Laboratory with a new far-field goniometer, replacing our near-field goniophotometer. This cutting-edge equipment will be housed is a room designed by ourselves and enhance the measurement of luminous intensity and light distribution for our luminaires.”

The luminaire is mounted on the goniometer, heated up to normal operating temperature and then rotated in 2 dimensions. A special camera measures the light output and intensity in all directions.

Special software converts the camera measurements from 2D to 3D and generates IES and LDT files. These files are used by us and our customers to create lighting plans and designs.

We are currently constructing a new 16m x 3.5m dark room to house the test equipment. The goniometer will be located at one end of the room, and the camera will be mounted on an overhead rail allowing it to be placed the correct distance away from the goniometer depending on the luminaire being tested. The new equipment is more efficient and will allow us to speed up the testing of our luminaires.

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