Trinity Way Subway

Salford, England

Designplan were approached by Salford City Council to propose a colour change scheme for Trinity Way subway that would promote the city and encourage people to use an underpass that provides access to 375 new homes.

Designplan were challenged to provide a solution that could use the existing cabling and infrastructure. The Flair Micro was combined with the Tuscan 88 and a wireless control to create a robust finish.

The Flair Micro offers more protection than a typical feature light as it is IP67 rated. Its encapsulated diffuser provides security and a homogenous distribution of continuous light. Designplan applied these colour changing modules above each Tuscan unit to ensure a ceiling wash was achieved. This wash compliments a display of impressive murals celebrating Salford’s history.     

Wireless Casambi nodes were used to manage the colour changing modules. These nodes are easily addressable and controllable using a mobile device app. A wireless solution meant the council could use the existing cabling and infrastructure as requested.

The Tuscan 88 can withstand an impact of 150 joules (IK16) making it suitable for all subway applications. Mounting plates were included to cover the existing chamfer and apertures. The new lighting levels achieved meet British Standard BS5489-1-2013, the requirement for lighting subways.

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