IK Rating

The IK rating is an international standard that indicates how resistant a product is to impact. The standard BS EN 62262 relates to IK ratings, to identify the degree of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts.

Our drop test rig can measures impacts up to 250 joules of energy – significantly higher than the IK11 product standard.

Strength as Standard

Our experience has taught us that the IK11 rating is inadequate against the sort of vandalism our products face on a regular basis. By testing to the BS EN60068-2-75 standard using a drop hammer we have extrapolated the data from 50 joules (IK11) all the way up to 250 joules of energy (IK20).
In 2021, IK 11 representing the impact energy value of 50 joules was added.

IK rating

Test BS EN 60068-2-75

WeightHeightImpact energyTest typeClass
1.7 kg300mm5 JoulesPendulum or dropIK 08
5 kg200mm10 JoulesPendulum or drop IK 09
5 kg400mm20 JoulesPendulum or drop IK 10
10 kg500mm50 JoulesPendulum or dropIK 11

Please note that BS EN 62262 does not allocate codes above IK11. The following codes are extrapolated and assigned IK references by Designplan Lighting.

WeightHeightImpact energyTest typeClass
10 kg625mm62.5 JoulesDropIK 12
10 kg750mm75 JoulesDropIK 13
10 kg1000mm100 JoulesDropIK 14
10 kg1250mm125 JoulesDropIK 15
10 kg1500mm150 JoulesDropIK 16
10 kg1750mm175 JoulesDropIK 17
10 kg2000mm200 JoulesDropIK 18
10 kg2250mm225 JoulesDropIK 19
10 kg2500mm250 JoulesDropIK 20

The video below demonstrates how we use a drop test to test our luminaires for impact.


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Ingress Protection

Impact resistance goes hand-in-hand with ingress protection to ensure a luminaire can be installed in challenging environments such as an exposed coastal location for example. To find out more click on the link below.

How we ensure ingress protection (IP rating)

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