Tuneable White

We depend on light to facilitate activity, boost mood and aid sleep. Tuneable white luminaires help regulate our circadian rhythm – our natural body clock.

Tuneable white luminaires

Boosting Mood and Activity

Tuneable white luminaires can help influence our wellbeing. Cool colour temperatures can boost activity whilst warm colour temperatures can aid relaxation.

Light influences our wellbeing.

Benefits of a Tuneable White Luminaire

In secure health facilities, our Basilica Tuneable White luminaire helps create a calmer, more relaxing environment. During the day, light levels can be raised to give a cool colour temperature to replicate daylight. This helps provide an energy boost that would occur naturally. At night Basilica Tuneable White can lower its output to give a warm colour temperature light enabling a bedtime inspection to be undertaken with minimal disturbance, aiding restful sleep. In an emergency, a clinician can change light levels at the touch of a button.

Tuneable White in Action

Our Basilica Tuneable White video shows the benefits of this form of lighting and how easily it can be programmed.


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