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UK Building Regulations, along with the associated Approved Documents, require that emergency lighting be installed in all escape routes and numerous other areas. This ensures adequate illumination in the event of normal lighting failure, enhancing safety and compliance with legal standards.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting provides wayfinding and illumination for escape routes, enabling safe evacuation. This can be achieved through self-contained integral emergency equipment or central battery systems, ensuring reliable operation during a power failure.

Designplan has been providing emergency versions of our luminaires for many years, adhering to the same rigorous design, development, and testing procedures as our standard products. Each luminaire is factory certified by us. We also offer comprehensive auto and self-test systems to perform mandatory testing and real-time monitoring, ensuring your emergency lighting system remains at peak operational readiness and in compliance with legal obligations.

Technical Support

There are many guides, directives and standards relating to emergency lighting including BS EN60598-2-22 for emergency luminaires, The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations, and BS5266 Part 1:2016, Code of Practice for the Emergency Lighting of Premises.

BS EN 62034 and BS EN 50172 relate directly to your legal requirement to ensure your emergency lighting systems are routinely  inspected, tested and the test results recorded.

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