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The UK government’s plan to ban fluorescent lamps that contain mercury from sale has now come in to place. The phase-out began in September of 2023 and concluded on February 1st, 2024. This ban is in line with the wider effort to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, as outlined in the EU’s RoHS plan.

RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) is a European Union directive (2002/95/EC) that ensures compliance with product-level regulations by restricting the use of specific hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products.

All luminaires manufactured by Designplan Lighting are RoHS compliant and hold the RoHS marking. Specifically, this application refers to the use of mercury in fluorescent lamps, which is a hazardous substance that has already been banned and is now being phased out of the lighting industry as part of Stage 2 of the Single Lighting Regulation and the updated RoHS directive.

Phase Out Timeline

The table below details the dates of phase out for each fluorescent lamp:

Lamp Type GB Phase Out Date
CFLni (Non-Integrated) 1 February 2024 (RoHS)
CFLni Long Life (<30W, >20,000h) 1 February 2024 (RoHS)
T5 1 February 2024 (RoHS)
T8 (2ft, 4ft & 5ft) 1 September 2023 (Eco-Design)
T8 (Other lengths) 1 February 2024 (RoHS)
T5/8 Long Life (.25,000h) 1 February 2024 (RoHS)
SON Deluxe (Most) 1 February 2024 (RoHS)

The Easy Way To Upgrade

It is essential that all UK businesses are compliant with the new regulations and all procedures are up to date. However, if you feel your fittings are non-compliant, there is an easy fix to this issue. The most common solution is incorporating new technology into existing products, such as replacing your old fluorescent technology with a new LED gear tray which has been properly tested to ensure CE compliance.

Benefits Of An LED Retrofit Gear Tray

All Designplan products incorporate this sustainable design feature which will:

  • Reduce your energy use
  • Lower maintenance
  • Minimise disruption
  • Improve safety and output
  • Reduce your ownership costs
  • Future proof your lighting


We offer a CIBSE accredited CPD seminar that examines the benefits and challenges of retrofitting luminaires with the latest CPD technology. To request one for you and your team, email