Newton Heath Train Depot

Manchester, England

Lighting for rail maintenance pits presents several unique challenges. Both in terms of application-specific lighting requirements and the environment in which the luminaires are installed. We have worked closely with industry stakeholders, including Network Rail, consultant engineers and contractors to develop the Redoubt pit light. The main lighting considerations we were asked to take in to account was the safe movement of an operative around the pit, safe access to and from the pit, safe evacuation and defined task lighting.

Having designed Redoubt specifically to the needs of the rail industry we are delighted to announce that it has been installed into the newly refurbished Newton Heath train depot in Manchester. Due to the hazardous materials used and the highly demanding cleaning regime of the Newton Heath rail maintenance pit, the highest levels of ingress resistance are required. Redoubt was specified as it is fully sealed and rated IP69 and IP69K. It can therefore withstand the corrosive chemicals, liquids and compounds used at Newton Heath. In addition Redoubt is constructed from marine grade stainless steel. It has fully welded seams and a specially developed sealing technology to cope with the high pressure and high temperature (90 bar / 80°C) jet washing used on site.

robust linear luminaire in train depot maintenance pit

Many factors had to be considered at Newton Health, with safety of employees the highest priority. Redoubt’s sloped design ensures that tools that could fall from above are deflected downwards, therefore preventing injury to the person working below. The outer enclosure of the luminaires includes tapered ends to avoid injury in the event of an accidental collision whilst moving around the rail maintenance pit and Redoubt’s slim profile ensures no unnecessary space is taken up.

Quality and uniformity of illumination are essential at Newton Heath due to the specialist nature of the working environment. Redoubt has been designed with an upward and downward lighting element. On the underside of the train 300 lux average is provided with 0.5 uniformity and 100 lux average on the pit floor. In addition the upward lighting element provides 350 lux average on the vertical surfaces at the top of the pit wall to allow work to be carried out on the rear face of the wheels. The separate internal circuits for upward and downward illumination provide operational flexibility and, in an emergency, the downward facing lighting element illuminates the escape route (1 lux average on the centre line of the pit floor in the event of a mains failure).

robust linear luminaire in train depot maintenance pit

Redoubt has been designed for over 30 years’ service, a requirement of rail maintenance pits. The durable nature of the product means that it will outlive the LED boards enclosed. With access at the back of the fitting, Redoubt is easy to maintain without the IP rating being compromised. Therefore leading to less down time and a safe environment for all.

“We chose to work with Designplan as they are highly regarded in the lighting industry and have experience in providing lighting for specialist rail applications. We are delighted with the redoubt luminaire as it provides bidirectional task lighting, meeting relevant compliance standards, and the robust construction ensures it can cope with the corrosive chemicals, liquids, compounds and intense cleaning regimes used at Newton Heath.”

Gary Thompson, Project Manager – Northern Trains Limited Infrastructure Change

“When we reviewed the original pit lighting it was evident the luminaires used were not fit for purpose given the use of the pits. We therefore approached a number of lighting manufacturers to source a suitable replacement. Designplan was by far the most helpful and together we proposed the use of the Redoubt luminaire. Since installed the expectations have been exceeded and the luminaire ticked all the boxes for a rail pit luminaire.”

Tony O’Toole, Head of Major Projects – JPR Mechanical and Electrical Services Ltd

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