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High ingress protection is essential in showers and en-suite areas due to water exposure. Additionally, vandal resistance is necessary because these areas have less supervision, making them more susceptible to damage. Ensuring robust protection in these spaces is crucial for maintaining safety and functionality.

Lighting should be sufficient to aid safe access and promote feelings of cleanliness whilst also enabling easy cleaning. Moisture is likely to be ever-present, so luminaires with high IP ratings are a must. In addition, the lighting should help highlight any potential slip hazards.

To prevent heavy shadowing, each cubicle should have a proportion of direct light. If not a individual luminaire per cubicle will be required. Luminaires that are particularly robust, easy to clean and with long service lives will help minimise any down time for maintenance.

Technical Support

Shower lighting must adhere to IEE Wiring Regulations, BS 7671: 2018, ‘zones’ that are deemed to be at risk from water ingress and indicates what type of electrical appliance can be installed. Luminaires above a shower must be at least IPX4. However, we recommend a light fitting to be IP65 or IP66 rated.

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