St Enoch Station

Glasgow, Scotland

We’re proud to have our luminaires specified by Scotland’s third busiest railway station as part of a £120 million development programme. Our lighting helps create a contemporary feel internally and externally, providing high impact resistance and ingress protection where required. To ensure easy maintenance and technology upgrades our luminaires incorporate removeable LED gear trays ensuring sustainable, future proof illumination.

Glasgow Subway is an essential mode of transport for more than 13 million people every year. Designplan were chosen to provide lighting to St Enoch subway station to create a synchronous effect throughout the public areas of the station.

Flair Angled linear luminaires were specified to create a distinctive lighting feature in the North and South entrances, providing illumination for the escalators and stairs.

At the entrances bespoke Designplan post top light fittings complement the station’s urban realm objectives and lighting design goals, emphasising the holistic significance of lighting in all areas of the station.

Gemini Metro, an emergency exit sign is an essential directional tool luminaire and helps to ensure public safety in the event of an emergency.

The FSRDL, a fully sealed recessed fitting, was an ideal luminaire for the ceiling application to achieve appropriate lighting levels along the main concourse.

The Quadratum, designed with the intention of complying with the size of a standard ceiling tile, was fitted throughout the ticket hall.

Tuscan’s were installed in the back of house and plant rooms as robust fittings were required for these challenging environments, with these fittings able to withstand an impact of 150 joules (IK16).

Our Quadrant fitting is located throughout the station on stairwells in the back of the house.  

“St Enoch station is one of our flagship city centre stations and has undergone the most extensive of all our station refurbishments. The new station design both inside and outside, enhanced by the new lighting provided by Designplan Lighting, has greatly improved the customer experience throughout”. 

David Gardner, SPT Senior Project Manager (Buildings & Infrastructure)

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