Tottenham Court Road Station

London, England

London Underground (LU), NG Bailey and Designplan Lighting worked in collaboration to develop LED luminaires to illuminate the public-facing areas of the upgraded Tottenham Court Road underground station.

The original lighting scheme utilised fluorescent fittings, but was upgraded mid-project to incorporate LED luminaires without the need to redesign the already agreed lighting scheme. Our standard approach of providing removable gear trays gave added flexibility, as luminaires could easily be switched to LED as installation began, with this decision still pending.

Using light bending film ensured specific levels of light output whilst also eliminating glare. This enabled us to design a bespoke luminaire to be installed within the balustrades of the station’s escalators.

Our LED luminaires last up to five times longer than traditional fluorescent lamps and have reduced energy consumption at Tottenham Court Road by circa 50%. All fittings are compliant with the Fire Precautions (Subsurface Railway Stations – England) Regulations 2009 and LU standards S1066 and S1085.

In total over 2,5000 luminaires were installed.

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